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Positively Present

Positively Present has been the creation of Dani DiPirro. She is an author, blogger, artist and designer who lives in Washington D.C. Positively Present encourages us all to feel validated and that a large majority of us all go through difficult times. What really resonated with me was the message of us all being able to change our mindset if we chose to. We had the pleasure of interviewing Dani.

Go to, Instagram, as well as Dani’s print shop and here is a link to Dani’s books.

What is Positively Present and how did it start?

When I was a particularly low point in my life, I decided to start writing about my experiences with trying to live a more positive and present life, something I struggled with greatly. I started Positively Present in 2009 as a way to share my personal experiences, and since then the brand has grown from a small personal blog to books and illustrations and all kinds of inspiration!

What inspired you to share your journey and past? Has it been helpful?

I was inspired to share my journey because so much of what I saw in the self-help, “happiness” blogging space seemed to be coming from people who were naturally optimistic. I wanted to bring people along with me, someone whose default is negativity and worrying, as I tried to become more optimistic and mindful.

Are there any coping strategies that really help you out when you need them?

When I’m struggling with anxiety, one of the things that helps me the most is focusing on what I’m grateful for. Gratitude sounds like a self-help cliche sometimes, but it really does help shift my mindset whenever I’m worrying about some aspect of my life. More insights on how I combat anxiety can be found in this illustration

You wrote a book called “The Positively Present guide to life”. Can you tell us what it is about?

The Positively Present Guide to Life was written to share my tactics for dealing with my own personal struggles with staying positive and present. The ultimate goal of the book is to help people do the best they can to live by the Positively Present Principles, which include:

  • Opening your mind to being positive and present
  • Being aware of -- and willing to shift -- your thoughts
  • Removing negativity whenever possible
  • Loving and appreciating who you are
  • Adopting an attitude of gratitude, and
  • Focusing on what inspires you

You have published many books with themes that are difficult for some people to deal with at different times in their lives; some titles are “Compassion”, “Gratitude”, “Forgiveness”. What is your hope for people who read your work?

When I think of others reading my work, my hope is that they will feel inspired to see the world in a new way, to open their minds to fresh ways of thinking. I also hope that those who read my words feel, in some small way, less alone.

What is the future for Positively Present?

Positively Present is always evolving, and I’m really looking forward to exploring more ways to combine words and art to reach people from all walks of life. No matter what happens, I hope that Positively Present is always finding new ways to inspire others and make the world a brighter, more optimistic place.