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Sean Quigley and Robin Rundle Drake

Sean Quigley and Robin Rundle Drake

A Few Prozaks Short of a Hap-P Meal is a play that was created to bring awareness to and reduce the stigma that is attached to mental illness. We interviewed artistic director / actor, Sean Quigley and actress Robin Rundle Drake about the play.

Questions asked in Part 1

  • How did “A Few Prozaks Short of a Hap-P Meal” come about?
  • Why did you choose to include your production in London’s 2010 Fringe Party? Is there a benefit to being part of an alternative film festival?
  • Was there something in particular that inspired you to write this play?
  • When did you realize you could use art to affect change?

 Questions asked in Part 2

  • What are you hoping to accomplish with this production? Is there a message you hope to communicate?
  • What do you think is the importance of reducing stigma for people living with a mental illness?
  • Were there any parts of this production that you found difficult to create?
  • What do you think London is doing to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness? What do you think we could be doing more?

Questions asked in Part 3

  • Some of the most creative and intelligent people throughout history have suffered from mental illness. Do you think there is a link between creativity and “madness”?

Questions asked in Part 4

  • What was your favourite part about creating this play?
  • Any words to live by?

Photos by mindyourmind