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Stacey Zegers

Canadian country singer Stacey Zegers caught our attention when she created her music video, Sunflower, about bullying. Growing up having been bullied herself, Stacey wanted to create awareness and used her voice as an opportunity to create an anti-bullying campaign. Bullying is a problem that affects way too many children and teens. According to one study, bullying occurs in school playgrounds every 7 minutes and once every 25 minutes in the classroom.* The damaging emotional and psychological effects of bullying can have lasting lifetime impacts, including mental health problems, relationship issues and even suicide. Stacey describes bullying as "when someone does or says something to hurt someone else. It is always on purpose. Bullies can work on their own or in packs. Either way, bullying is about making someone feel small and powerless. No one asks to be bullied, and no one deserves it." We were happy when Stacey agreed to come to mindyourmind to talk to us about her music and her efforts against bullying. She tells us how she coped with being bullied and what kind of impact it had on her. Today, she records with country music artists that play with Keith Urban and Reba Mcentire and is doing what she loves, being a singer.

For info on bullying facts, visit Concerned Children's Advertisers.

Lyrics - Sunflower  

There's one in every class
There's one in every school
She's not hot at all
But she knows she's no fool
In the mean words
From the pretty girls
Come in waves they just wont quit
But they roll right off her back because
She knows who she is

Sunflower in a feild of dandelions
When the rain comes down theres a circle around her
When the sun still shines
And every seed is a sign of things to come
And they all come from inside
She's a sunflower

Theres no other way to say it
Those girls were cruel back then
And Im not proud of it at all
But I was one of them
Until one day by the Dairy Queen
It all got pretty rough
And I saw how she stood so strong
Never stopped looking up


I swear she started glowing
And forever I was changed
Those girls were right about one thing
For sure she's not the same

Photo by mindyourmind