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Susan Aglukark, Musician

Susan Aglukark, Musician

We had the wonderful pleasure of speaking with Susan Aglukark, Turtle Island treasure and Canadian Icon. Susan is the 2022 recipient of the Humanitarian Award at this year's JUNO Awards. She has been a strong and solid advocate for not only Indigenous communities across Turtle Island but particularly her home community of Arviat, Nunavut. 

The Arctic Rose Foundation was created in 2012 as a way to give back to others, and in 2016 the Foundation received charitable status. Since then, Susan and many others have been able to support many Indigenous children and youth through Arctic Rose’s healing programs. Susan and her team are working hard to create safe spaces for Northern Inuit, Metis and First Nations youth, with a goal of the Arctic Rose Foundation to be in all schools. 

Susan is releasing her 10th album this year, The Crossing, and we can’t wait to have a listen! If you’re interested in learning more about the Arctic Foundation or donating visit:

Juno Awards press release 

Interview Questions (video player is above Gallery)

0:43  Congratulations! You are the recipient of the 2022 Humanitarian Award at this year’s JUNO awards. How does it feel to receive this recognition?

1:41  We last interviewed you back in 2012. If you could describe the last ten years in a few words, what would they be?

3:36  How did the Arctic Rose Foundation come to be? What element of the program are you most proud of?

7:53  What does being an artist mean to you? And where do you find your inspiration?

9:44  In your experience, how does culture play a role in mental health and wellbeing?

11:39  How can allies support the work that you are doing with Indigenous youth?

13:40  In 2019, mindyourmind travelled to Arviat, Nunavut to work with a group of local youth. Through our work together, we created a culturally interactive mental health workbook called Nuna. As someone who grew up in Arviat, what is one piece of wisdom that you would share with youth living there?

17:45  In April, you are hoping to launch your 10th album, The Crossing. What would you say is different about it compared to your previous albums?

Photos by Ulrike Komaksiutiksak, Jane Hamilton, and Denise Grant.