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Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday has sold millions of albums, toured all over the world, and just released their sixth full-length studio album, Happiness Is, but they tell us in our interview that they had no expectations of ever making it this far when they started out making music in 1999. Although the band has had ups and downs, with former members being replaced, their latest album title is an affirmation of being in a “good place in their lives”, bass guitar player, Shaun Cooper says. The band is driven by goals of constantly growing as musicians and people individually. When asked what he would want to say to a young person struggling with depression or mental health issues, Cooper says:

“It’s important to find the help you need, whether it’s finding the right person to talk to or the right medication, you need to find whatever outlet is going to right the ship. Stay away from drugs and alcohol, don’t self-medicate, that stuff never works out right and doing any sort of physical exercise is very, very beneficial to the brain, because I see it in myself. Everything gets better with age and you have to stick through the tough times to get to the good, because life does get better, I’ve seen it in my own life, and I think that’s very important, just keeping hope that one day things will get better.”

Photo courtesy of Taking Back Sunday