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Two Crown King

February 4th is World Cancer Day 2012, with this year’s theme being 'Together it is possible’. Two Crown King, a soul / hip hop / rock / punk / funk band from London, Ontario and Skate4Cancer, are doing their part this year, with the release of Ben’s Song, in hopes of creating awareness and raising money for the fight against cancer.

mindyourmind supports this great cause and talked briefly to the band about Ben’s Song.

What inspired you to create Ben’s Song?

A few years ago a close friend, Ben, lost his mom to cancer. She was as much a mother to me as he is a brother. After she passed away, I wrote the song based on the experiences Ben was going through. The verses in the song are written from Ben's perspective - as a conversation to his mother. Goodchild wrote the chorus - a reply to Ben, from his, mom.

Who’s Ben?

One of the greatest guys alive and the best friend anyone could ask for.

We have all been affected by cancer, either directly or through someone we know. Why is this cause so dear to you?

Any time someone close passes away from cancer, it becomes a personal issue. Millions of people, unfortunately, have a story very similar to ours. We're simply sharing our version of it.

How will the proceeds be used?

All money collected by Two Crown King will be donated to The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation - a Toronto based organization that ranks as one of the top cancer research centres in the world.

mindyourmind Content Developer, Diana.