International Youth Day Mash Up! August 12, 2010

mindyourmind with Citi Plaza launched London's First Annual International Youth Day Mash Up and it was a HUGE success!  It was a great event featuring over 40 youth artists.  Youth Day is an opportunity for us to provide a platform (literally) for young people to showcase their passions and creative talents to the larger community.  But most importantly, it is an opportunity to remind communities all across Canada that youth make good things happen when given the room to tell their stories in their own way…on their own terms.  Hope you’re inspired to create those opportunities within your communities!!! Make it happen…NOW!!

Click here to see the interview and coverage by The London Free Press.

Click here to read the article that appeared in The Londoner the day before the event.

Enjoy the pics from the event! The photos with captions are of mindyourmind talking with the performers and emcees of the International Youth Day Mash Up before the event.

Check out the media release promoting this event here (pdf 305kb).

Download and print off the promotional poster here (pdf 412kb).