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The Wellness Deck (English and French)

The Wellness Deck (English and French)

The Wellness Deck is a deck of cards that provide tangible wellness tips to support your overall emotional wellbeing and wellness journey. These cards were co-developed with youth in our Montreal Design Lab held in Spring 2022. The tips were sourced from the Wellness Section and separated into three categories: Choosing Compassion, Celebrating You, and Finding Balance.

Use this deck in whatever way works best for you – either by shuffling the cards and finding a tip or choosing a card from the three categories. You can even colour in the deck as each card acts as a colouring page.

Thank you to the Montreal Design Lab group: Andre, Batool, Chidi, Farah, Haneefa, Katherine, Louis, Samreet, Val and Wijdane. To find out more about this group, check out the CSC Montreal Design Lab, May 2022.

Thank you to our Montreal Partner: The Refugee Centre.

This tool was developed as part of the Canada Service Corps. Check out to learn more about our involvement in this federal initiative.