Came for Porn? Stay for Change.

Last year, we had 850,000 pageviews on mindyourmind.ca. After doing some stats collection, it looks like quite a few of those people came here looking for porn.

Disorder or Super Power?

Difficulty knows no stranger. You’re up to bat and life is throwing pitches you never saw in practice. That’s what it feels like having a mental disorder. All the techniques and advice given to you by your coach doesn’t work behind the plate because you’re playing a completely different game than the rest of the world.

my struggle with depression

I have struggled with depression for longer than I can remember and and it all started when I was younger I was 2 years old and my uncle was "bored" his words not mine but so he touched me and raped me. even now I have night terrors but they don't scare me anymore they make me stronger and that's all thanks to my friends they help me thru so much and im thankful. a message to people struggling.... it gets better there are people that want to help you just have to let them. there is always someone that can help you and wants to.

Submitted by james, age 17.

Being a mouse

All through my life I have been a talkative person, it came naturally. I had a big family and a lot of people around me who were ALWAYS talking, but when certain subjects come up I become a mouse. When I was six years old I was (the R worded) and it prevented me from any relationships which caused a lot of bullying and harassment. At 14 I was sexually abused and it scared me more but I wouldn't dare tell anyone why I was so distraught about being in relationships and intercourse. The only way I could prevent myself from telling anyone (even my parents) was to be a mouse. Stop talking.