Mental Illness as a Driving Force

Brent Seal is the founder and CEO of Mavrixx. Mavrixx is a mental health focused social enterprise dedicated to helping young people build great minds on their own terms.

In this video, Mavrixx Founder and Head Trainer Brent Seal shares his story of going from a suicide attempt and being diagnosed with schizophrenia to summiting some of the world's tallest mountains.

A song called "Welcome"

     Well, I've been down this travelled road,
     I've wandered left and right.
     Well, now I leave the trail blazin'
     Cuz I've lit that fire inside.

     And I'm on the search for something real,
     Something I can feel.
     Something I can hold on to believe in.

     And this air I breathe, given as a gift for me indeed.
     So I inhale it deep,