attention disorder

From hell and back!

Ever since I was in grade 6, I have been bullied non-stop because I was different. I always knew that I was different in some way. I was always a tomboy and people bullied me because of it. They use to call me names and throw things at me like balls, rocks and they occasionally hit me. As I got into grade 7 and 8 it just kept getting worst and worst, by the time I got to grade 9 I figured something else about me that I could sense was different about me. In the middle of grade 9 I can out of the closet. I am Bi.

Needs in Activities

For this particular



Arts and crafts

Hand clapping

Fun for everyone

You’ll see

Keeps you busy

Instead of pacing dizzily


Doesn’t help anybody



Distract and lose

My spot

I’ll begin

There again

And not listen

Did you ask them for permission?

What I need to hear

You’ll want to steer clear

Waiting for your name

Walking in the sand

Screaming understands this man


My Experience with Juvenile Bipolar Disorder

I remember sitting in a psychiatrist’s office when I was 12 years old. My mother and my father sat on the chairs beside me. The Psychiatrist, though I thought he was just a very tall man who kept asking me questions, turned to my parents and asked them to explain our family tree. I wondered if he might give me some crayons. I liked drawing and maybe I could make the perfect picture of a tree and he could hang it on the wall. It might be green or yellow, maybe both, I smiled at the thought. But nobody else was smiling.My father spoke first.