The Emergence of a Butterfly and a Person

Believe it or not the emergence of a butterfly is very similar to the personalities of humans and the stages of growth that a human undergoes, and I’m not talking about the growth of a person physically but the growth of a person mentally. A caterpillar begins from a “larval form of a member of the order Lepidoptera”- now what does that mean? To tell you the truth I’m not sure and I will continue to question it. It’s the ‘which came first the chicken or the egg’ debate all over again!Caterpillars have really caught my attention now that I have truly looked at them and read about them.


I don’t own a shopping cart.
I am not homeless.
I am not violent or unstable.
I don’t smell bad.

I didn’t drop out of school.
I was not abused or molested.
I don’t carry a sign that says the end is near.
I don’t have a ‘look’.
I don’t yell at strangers.
I don’t wear dirty clothes.
I am not an alcoholic.
I don’t feel shame.
I don’t want your pity.
I did not ask for this nor did I deserve it.

By Matt D. 25

Kyle Renolds

Kyle Reynolds is a 30 year old self taught artist who has been residing in St.Catharines ON Canada for all of his life. Kyle has enjoyed art since the moment he could hold a crayon. He has been dealing with schizoaffective for the past 14 years and in the past 5 found his voice through art. He hopes to help others find there voice and break down barriers that come with mental health issues. He is honest at what he portays in his work and finds the process cathartic. In the beginning he found dispalying brought him closer to some and isolated him from others.

Break the Shame

This poster was created in 2006 by our first Anti-Stigma Campaign group. The team wanted to demonstrate that there shouldn’t be shame to a mental health problem and that it affects everyone.

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