Dear Ugly Faces

So what if you guys are still around? I’m gonna live my life anyways! New motto:

Mind expansion to accept the ugly faces as just one aspect of a bigger and more vibrant mental state and lifestyle, through good and bad times.

Just fade away or become a part of my overall kind, smart, and important SELF.

Which will it be?


To Be Honest

I do not understand your relentless quest to be thin. So stubbornly courageous you are to follow your ambitiously skinny dreams that you would sacrifice the premium quality of your hair, skin, teeth, and body. Why cut


into your arms and face when the only word you need is


After all, even though you can be the biggest bitch ever, that is really what you are.


A Second Chance

You are rain drops falling free of pregnant clouds drooping low in the sky, unknowing of the fate that will splatter you across dry concrete and bend delicate flower petals beneath the weight of your destiny. And I – I am the stunted flower beneath the shade of a rickety old fence, leaves chewed up and spit out, petals mangled by violent trampling footsteps and lack of sunlight. A shade of colour not so vibrant. A stem worn out and suffering, stooped over with a splinter for a cane.