Being a mouse

All through my life I have been a talkative person, it came naturally. I had a big family and a lot of people around me who were ALWAYS talking, but when certain subjects come up I become a mouse. When I was six years old I was (the R worded) and it prevented me from any relationships which caused a lot of bullying and harassment. At 14 I was sexually abused and it scared me more but I wouldn't dare tell anyone why I was so distraught about being in relationships and intercourse. The only way I could prevent myself from telling anyone (even my parents) was to be a mouse. Stop talking.

Mason Jars

I’ve been raised to climb into mason jars

Folks poking holes in my tinted steel sky

Thinking their lessons will

Help me breathe easier.

Some find me suffocating in

Self-made crystal prisons

They lift me above their head

Dashing this transparent oppression at their feet

Impaling me with my own mistakes

Please. Don’t.


Grip the body of this perceived silence

Use the other to hold the barrier to the solution.


Use your force to carefully ease them away from each other