When I put the mic to my chest I want you to scream as loud as you can
without passing out.

sound crushing reality echoes around me
you scream

The Pain Puzzle

As a 15 year old, my life wasn't how you expect a normal teenager's life would be. I was suffering in silence. I was bullied at the age of 11 and I cut myself for the first time. The first time I did, I pretended nothing happened and moved on. As I transitioned into high school, I started to feel sad and I pushed everyone around me away. I started to feel anxious in public. I would have panic attacks as I entered the school building. I had no idea about what to do and where to go. I just stayed home because I was just scared to be at school.

From hell and back!

Ever since I was in grade 6, I have been bullied non-stop because I was different. I always knew that I was different in some way. I was always a tomboy and people bullied me because of it. They use to call me names and throw things at me like balls, rocks and they occasionally hit me. As I got into grade 7 and 8 it just kept getting worst and worst, by the time I got to grade 9 I figured something else about me that I could sense was different about me. In the middle of grade 9 I can out of the closet. I am Bi.


Carter, female, 17, smart, hurting.

Before grade nine was when it started, the purging. High school scared me, I wanted to be good enough for everyone. I threw up my meals everyday, on and off until quite recently.

I knew my habits were starting to be a problem, but I didn't care. One day I went to a guy friend's house, I was 16, he was 18. I told him no, but he was strong, and I had become so weak from the lack of nutrients.

My Story by Ashley

my name is Ashley when I first started grade nine it was scary especially that my body was also going through a big change as the year went on I have been noticing that I been having sadness a lot I didn’t know why I just thought it would pass by but as it had been going on without no one knowing I started getting worse I started feeling alone worthless nobody cared or loved me then it got more I started cutting as the day went by it was going bad because I didn’t really want to actually be here so one day in class I decide to cut I wrote die on my leg and one of the teacher found out becau