bipolar disorder

Disorder or Super Power?

Difficulty knows no stranger. You’re up to bat and life is throwing pitches you never saw in practice. That’s what it feels like having a mental disorder. All the techniques and advice given to you by your coach doesn’t work behind the plate because you’re playing a completely different game than the rest of the world.

My name is Sophie

From birth, you could tell there was something different about me. I would always cry and never sleep as a baby.  As the years went by, things just got harder and more complicated. Doctors refused to diagnose me with anything. Later in life, I struggled to overcome heroin and alcohol addiction. After a suicide attempt, I was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder which changed my life for the best. The medications and therapy finally gave me a taste what it’s like to be happy. I made this video to increase awareness about mental illness.

My story-turned-career path

I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder at age 22 but I'm certain I suffered from depression long before that. I experienced thoughts of suicide many times during my youth. By age 27, I had attempted suicide twice. One of the attempts landed me in a mental health unit in the hospital. Since I was just about to complete nursing school, I found the whole experience inspiring and interesting, from a nursing standpoint. Eight months later, I found myself working on that very unit, as well as two other mental health units, as a nurse.

I Am Me

A video based on a series of monologues and poems written and recorded by students affected with mental health issues. Thought Cafe and Toronto-based artist Jon Todd were involved in this collaboration with McGill University students.

Bipolar Serenity

A while ago, I submitted a story about myself under a fake name and it didn't get submitted. It was the best story about myself I'd ever written and it couldn't be posted because mindyourmind knew better.

Initially I was devastated. But now I am experiencing my prophecy playing itself out before my very eyes. 
I remember someone telling me that if there wasn't a reason for bipolar disorder then natural selection would have ruled it out. I believed them, but, not entirely.