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Child Care System

you ever feel like you dont know what you did to deserve this? ive been in the system my whole life. my so called "social worker" cant remember my birthday yet she has been there since i was a new born. she always looked at me with unkind eyes. im most scared than ever. in eight days im moving out. i didn’t move around to much as a kid. im currently living in a grouphome. i promised my foster mom id do my best, i failed everyone. my relationships never seem to have a bright side for long. My social worker made me go on a depo shot.

To Be Honest

I do not understand your relentless quest to be thin. So stubbornly courageous you are to follow your ambitiously skinny dreams that you would sacrifice the premium quality of your hair, skin, teeth, and body. Why cut


into your arms and face when the only word you need is


After all, even though you can be the biggest bitch ever, that is really what you are.


I Hate Taking Pills

I mean every last one of you that Doctor Cruz has ever prescribed!

Fuck you, Zyprexa!
Eat a dick, Seroquel!
Leave me alone, Risperdal!

You whores make my stomach grow and I’m not sexy anymore!


Jeff Cheng of Mind Right is a nurse consultant providing child welfare with expertise on psychotropic medication and mental health. What does mental health mean to me? Mental health is just as important as breathing and eating. We need to talk more mental health.