He's back.
The demon that consumed me.
Stronger than ever
It’s getting hard
To push him
He screams at me
Takes over
My brain
My body
My soul
I can’t
It’s too hard to
Push him away
They say.
It’s not that easy.
If only they knew.

by Rebecca Laplante, age 24


A warm wave casting it's arms upon me.
A beautiful silence caressing my mind.
You leave me speechless.
Lost for words.
I'm looking through the darkness.
For a sign of survival.
All these thoughts are trivial.
Resistance is futile.
I can't say I look forward to your return.
I can't say I want to change the way I look.
I can't say I want to become.
But I'll be your perfect daughter.
I'll calm the wars.
Keep your hands at bay.
Keep your hands away.
From my face.
From my pride.

A Full Course Meal

I should act more like me

When I’m someone else

You see


Being too sad

Hurt trailed feelings

Mix into the bad

Rotting away

On top of old misery

Who do I need to manipulate?

To get past another’s admittance gate

More than enough to scrap

From the last depression’s relapse

All my shirts soaked in strain

From another drippings in pain

Spooning in the slop

Willingness never stops

To join a local commotion

Feeding frieze for emotions

Ashley's story

What I don’t understand is why it took this long for people to see we need a change because what is happening right now is not good enough.Growing up I felt isolated, afraid and worthless. I was told daily how much I have ruined my parents lives and how if I was a better daughter my mother wouldn't have to drink and my father wouldn't have to hit me. I always heard about the times before I was born, my parents always refer to this as the good times so I thought it was true, all of this is my fault and for that I punished myself.The earliest I can remember drinking was around grade 1.