Words Can Heal

I've recently created a product that is very dear to my heart:  temporary tattoos for mental wellness. I've managed anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia for many years, a couple of them all of my life. I've had ups and downs, highs and lows, and breakdowns and breakthroughs. I call it a roller coaster ride but it is anything but fun or enjoyable.

To Being Better

Be less dependent on my family
Make better decisions
Eat healthier
Spend more time with Mom
Cut down my smoking
Keep my doctor’s appointments
Be more in the present
Be less of a burden to my mom and brother
Find a job
Stop using drugs
Stay on my medications
Stay out of the hospital


I did five storyboards for this stop motion video and finally landed on this version. "Helix" is about a girl trying to escape her problems or "monsters". Unwilling to confront them, she encounters even bigger problems. Eventually the shadow foxes of fear take over and the darkness becomes absolute. Will she find something within her to keep the monsters at bay?

Video submission by Indellable, age 15.