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Toes For Dance

Community of Practice Coordinator, Eugenia Canas discusses how connections between contemporary dance, art and mental health provide opportunities for youth to explore their identities through self-expression and achieve wellness. Video is created by mindyourmind in partnership with Toes For Dance.

Be Safe Poster

Be Safe is an app that will allow you to make a safety plan, inform you about resources in your region, give you options for getting help and empower you to reach out safely. It is meant to help youth find the right help in a crisis. 

Download and post the poster or order cards to promote Be Safe.

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Please note that all materials have been designed by mindyourmind youth volunteer teams to
promote mental health awareness and to reduce the stigma often associated with reaching out for help.

All proceeds help ensure that youth continue to have a voice and build our capacity to support them in
the creation of mental health promotion materials that are relevant and resonate strongly with their peers.

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A song called "Welcome"

     Well, I've been down this travelled road,
     I've wandered left and right.
     Well, now I leave the trail blazin'
     Cuz I've lit that fire inside.

     And I'm on the search for something real,
     Something I can feel.
     Something I can hold on to believe in.

     And this air I breathe, given as a gift for me indeed.
     So I inhale it deep,