dear younger self

Dear Younger Self

Please don't change. Mommy will get mad. She'll stand there and bitch about how you used to be all positive and shit. But don't listen to her. She will bring you down, I promise you that. And about Sonia, don't get so mad when she laughs at you. She is your only sister. And right now, she'll be basically the only thing you got. But you'll have Claudia. And don't be surprised when Claudia tells you some pretty shocking things. Claudia is basically your best friend, next to Sonia. And younger self? I'm sorry but since Myah went to the other middle school, you guys won't really talk.

Dear Depression

Yesterday I was poking around the internet, searching for a writing prompt to jump-start my brain. I found this prompt from Writer's Digest:

Write a formal complaint letter to your deepest, darkest fear. I don't know what exactly my "deepest, darkest fear" is, but I do know one aspect of my life that I'd really like to fire -- depression. Here's my letter of termination:


Dear Depression,

Dear Younger Self...

Dear Younger Self,

I know life is hell right now. I know that it takes all of your energy just to get out of bed and thinking about feeling better is like thinking about moving to Mars one day.  Believe it or not, however, hope is much closer than you think.