You never left me

Sent, away
Out of sight
To fight

A living
Very, very
Everything gone!


A loner
Bi Polar
To boarder

The Plighted Mind

It's always hard to know where to start. So much has happened over my 20 years of suffering that the complication of the disorders I experience seem too much to put into words. But I know I have to, I have to so others don't feel so alone.

Thanks For The Memories

Hi. My name is Xyrina. I am just your typical 15 year old teenage fuckhead. Just kidding… I’m way more complicated than that. Growing up, I lived in a tent on a beach, on a farm, and also in Mexico’s dirtiest city. My parents were POOR. I did everything for myself. I played with sticks and had to kill chickens for food at the age of 5. My brother and sister ganged up on me as I was the youngest, smallest, weakest and most sensitive. My dad would go away for months at a time up north where there were dangerous animals and he had no communication with us whatsoever.

PTSD and Bi-polar

Hi, I am Cassondra. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a girlfriend and I am a mother. I’d like to consider my life a Cinderella story with a big twist. I have been through more in my life than most, but I have made it.My story begins when I was only nine years old. My parents separated and my father moved into an apartment across town. While my three younger siblings and I stayed with my mother. It was a difficult time to adjust at first, as I had to grow up quickly to help my mother with the day to day routine as she struggled between work and home life.

My Story About Anxiety

Michael was an 11 year old boy filled with happiness, surrounded by a loving family, enjoying his time spent playing basketball with friends and on the weekends with his all-star team. Beneath Michael’s joyful and giving nature, as perceived by everyone he interacted with, was a scared young man, constantly being tortured by feelings of anxiety. These feelings of anxiety were not connected to or related to anything in particular.

anything but me

i use to be a happy kid who laughed n joked but somewhere along the way i seem to have lost my ways. my parents marriage has been unstable since i was a baby but i dont even remember half the shit they did. theyd break up n make up all the time, he treated our family like shit, we walked around the house on eggshells when he was home. one plate on the counter or a pair of shoes not in the closet when he came home n wed hear what a piece of shit we are til he was satisfied n passed out.

I'm Going Insane Myself

My parents have been split up since I was 2 years old. Naturally I grew up with my mom but I still see my dad. My life was pretty good till I turned 7 my mom started getting angry very easily. Nothing was ever her fault always someone else I went through everyday getting yelled at over nothing. When I was 10 we moved out of the house I'd lived in for 5 years with a boyfriend of my moms that had pretty much been a father to me since I was 2 because I didn't get to see my dad a lot. We moved into a house that we are currently moving out of because of another relationship gone bad.