drug use and abuse

To Being Better

Be less dependent on my family
Make better decisions
Eat healthier
Spend more time with Mom
Cut down my smoking
Keep my doctor’s appointments
Be more in the present
Be less of a burden to my mom and brother
Find a job
Stop using drugs
Stay on my medications
Stay out of the hospital

Dear Brain

I want to be:

The best person to you
A good memory
The trigger for your smile
Your peaceful warrior

I will try my best to not abuse you with:

Worried thoughts
Obsessive compulsions
Bad company
Negative situations

In return, you will help me achieve:

Drugs Are

Freedom from fear
Drugs help you see things in different ways
Drugs enhance creativity


Drugs are one big cop-out to what real life should be

So why am I still high?

Jeff Cheng of Mind Right is a nurse consultant providing child welfare with expertise on psychotropic medication and mental health. What does mental health mean to me? Mental health is just as important as breathing and eating. We need to talk more mental health.