Ottawa Newcomer Zine

mindyourmind worked with a group in Ottawa of newcomer youth to co-create some resources with the intent of empowering youth to seek help, as well as provide some information to their parents around the issues they may be facing. 


Are you struggling with your mental health? Do you recognize the challenges regarding mental health in newcomer communities?

Feelin' fuzzy with family

Last week our professional family for the last ten years (Family Services Thames Valley) came to the office with beef. Well, they had a cart-ful of fish, salad and other things but I am kinda partial to beef. The occasion was to mark leaving our first home.

Child Care System

you ever feel like you dont know what you did to deserve this? ive been in the system my whole life. my so called "social worker" cant remember my birthday yet she has been there since i was a new born. she always looked at me with unkind eyes. im most scared than ever. in eight days im moving out. i didn’t move around to much as a kid. im currently living in a grouphome. i promised my foster mom id do my best, i failed everyone. my relationships never seem to have a bright side for long. My social worker made me go on a depo shot.