getting help


Part II: “I’m so OCD”

Most of you are probably familiar with the OCD stereotypes; neat freak, clean freak, an inevitable discomfort felt in the presence of a crooked picture or a messy room. While these characteristics resonate with many individuals who are diagnosed with OCD (and most definitely for myself), I can tell you that the disorder is much more complex and debilitating than what the stereotypes surrounding it insinuate.

Life in the Stigma

Mental health may be getting more publicity, but is the stigma getting better? Anyone who suffers with mental health issues knows the importance of this statement. I have suffered with borderline personality disorder since I was a child. It has been an uphill battle. Until recently, hiding this little fact from the world was even more of a battle. It took all of my effort to act normal. It occurred to me, finally, that I shouldn’t need to. No one should. We are all human. Having anxiety, depression, bipolar ect. does not make you a failure.

My day at mindyourmind

Today I spent the day at mindyourmind. I'm in Grade 9 and this was my placement for today. It was fun! My first job was to look through the website and I checked out the games. They are different but all very fun! My next thing I had to do was go through this new tool they made for school - On to the Next. this was good for me and it will teach a lot of kids what mental health really is and how it effects people. The survey is rather long but it has changed the way I saw mental health and it's good to always have a plan in case a crisis comes.


Well, it’s that time of year again... “Movember”! In honour of this, we want to bring some attention to an awesome initiative right here in Canada that was co-created between the Movember Foundation and The University of British Columbia.