life experience


Part II: “I’m so OCD”

Most of you are probably familiar with the OCD stereotypes; neat freak, clean freak, an inevitable discomfort felt in the presence of a crooked picture or a messy room. While these characteristics resonate with many individuals who are diagnosed with OCD (and most definitely for myself), I can tell you that the disorder is much more complex and debilitating than what the stereotypes surrounding it insinuate.


The train wreck is over and it really doesn't matter

Just sift through the wreckage for what didn't shatter

You will find baggage some good and some bad

Hang on the the good reflect on the sad

Come up with the lessons they're there for a reason

Use them again in a different season

Carry it through until you can use it again

That lesson of life you learned in the end

For always there will be an end and beginning