life experience

Then I Found You

Picked apart like a poorly done project
Face red, mind blue
Censoring words like a strict world leader,
I found you

My hands would sweat and my heart would flutter
Not in a good way, but with you
I feel like butter
Slip into a smile because
I found you

What I wear, the talk I dare
Watching how and what I do
Now my soul can celebrate
With you, I'll always be with you

If life is a treasure hunt,
my search ends here,
It ends with two.

Housing Problems

I don’t know about you but for me to feel mentally stable and sound I need 4 key ingredients: 7-8 hours of sleep per night, some time alone everyday because I am an introvert and I need to recharge after I hang out with people, some daily exercise

Breakdown, Shame

Lonesome fear has plagued my life.
My days of youth, spent in strife.
My faith since abandoned, with prayers unheard,
For God to allow such pain it’s absurd:

“Horror of horrors, a life spent alone,”
“That future assured, my past has shown.”
“O take me heaven, I’d much rather sleep.”
“O holy razor, my blessed release.”

“Help me! Rid me this cursed isolation,”
“Wrought by weary nerves, my eternal damnation.”
“Bleed me this pain, I offer my hand.”
“Rescue me Mother, help me understand.”