mood disorder

my struggle with depression

I have struggled with depression for longer than I can remember and and it all started when I was younger I was 2 years old and my uncle was "bored" his words not mine but so he touched me and raped me. even now I have night terrors but they don't scare me anymore they make me stronger and that's all thanks to my friends they help me thru so much and im thankful. a message to people struggling.... it gets better there are people that want to help you just have to let them. there is always someone that can help you and wants to.

Submitted by james, age 17.

I Feel Frozen

     When I sit alone and cry
     It feels like a hundred years pass by

     Time is standing still
     It always gives me a chill

     A single shiver down my spine
     Makes me feel frozen inside

     The coolness I feel in my gut
     Gives me intense pain like I'm being cut

     I'd love to say I'm getting better
     But I don't believe it myself

Road to Recovery

Oh sweet solitude! Shelter from social strife,
You have burned me and shamed me into ruined life.
I cast aside your shackles and step into the light.
This anxiety I will tackle, I'm ready for the fight.

Oh warm depression! The only comfort I have known.
You have since chilled me, down to the very bone.
I shake off your gentle slumber and rise from your bed
‘Cause sooner or later you’d leave me for dead.

This is real life, and mental illness is a real thing.

12.30.14: The date I met my boyfriend for the first time (I’m not going to use his name for privacy reasons so every time I refer to “him” it’s my boyfriend): It’s safe to say that I am head over heels, crazy in love with this guy. I know a lot of people are going to judge me for this post because I just got the date we met tattooed on me and we have only known each other for less than a year. But before you judge, you should know how much of an impact this guy as made on my life.