mood disorder

I Feel Frozen

     When I sit alone and cry
     It feels like a hundred years pass by

     Time is standing still
     It always gives me a chill

     A single shiver down my spine
     Makes me feel frozen inside

     The coolness I feel in my gut
     Gives me intense pain like I'm being cut

     I'd love to say I'm getting better
     But I don't believe it myself

Road to Recovery

Oh sweet solitude! Shelter from social strife,
You have burned me and shamed me into ruined life.
I cast aside your shackles and step into the light.
This anxiety I will tackle, I'm ready for the fight.

Oh warm depression! The only comfort I have known.
You have since chilled me, down to the very bone.
I shake off your gentle slumber and rise from your bed
‘Cause sooner or later you’d leave me for dead.