mood disorder

Josh's Story

I write this in the hope that it will ease some of my own pain and grief and to you who reads it; I hope this touches a part of your life as well.If it helps I will consider this a job well done. I believe that we all face trials in our lives and that the answer lies in not just completing the trial but more importantly in how you conduct yourself as you’re walking through it. We all face heart breaks and sorrow in our lives, we all go through a period when it seems like hope has deserted us and give up on life. We want to scream and cry and close our eyes but we walk this road together.

Jeff's Story

Like most people, I loathed the town I grew up in when I was 16 years old. It was small, secluded and extremely boring to the average teenager. It also allowed for very little freedom in what you did, having some strange power to relay info back to your parents via some citywide conspiracy. In any case, I was a teenager, I was cooped up and angry, I was apparently Catholic (due to the high school uniform I was made to sport Monday to Friday) and I had absolutely no outlet for my teenage angst and aggression. My parents would monitor my music listening habits and omit (a.k.a.

"the best"

it feels like i cant feel
it sounds like i cant speak
from the blood escaping my wrists
and the tears running down my cheeks

I lay down hopelessly
with the knife clenched in my hand
i wish someone only knew
i hoped someone would understand

Its hard to live
when you know your all alone
thinking no one cares
standing on your own

I needed someone to lean on
so i wouldn’t fall
but no one was there
so i fell and i crawled

look sharp! "issues and tissues"

DISCLAIMER: LOTS OF TANGENTS. LOTS OF GIBBERISH. A SMALL DOSE OF COMMON SENSE.After bumming about for months on end, and living off my generous friends and tolerating mother, I finally went to the doctors and he gave me a sick note. I’m dreading claiming benefits, it really is the last thing I’d want to do. My nana has a few choice words about it. I both love and respect her. I’m also scared shitless of disappointing her.

Art My Outlet

I am a 27 year old female currently from California and I use painting as my outlet for depressive episodes, sometimes for suicidal episodes, and for when I get angry.