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Shaming the shame: #ShareYourStruggle

At 15-years-old, I overdosed on painkillers and ended up in the hospital for my first – and only – suicide attempt vis a vis a cry for help. I remember being relieved to get therapy out of the ordeal, but almost as soon as we had returned from the hospital, the fear of shame was instilled in me. My parents warned me not to tell anyone that I was struggling with depression. I certainly shouldn’t let anyone know why I was really in the hospital because I would be judged.

Bipolar Serenity

A while ago, I submitted a story about myself under a fake name and it didn't get submitted. It was the best story about myself I'd ever written and it couldn't be posted because mindyourmind knew better.

Initially I was devastated. But now I am experiencing my prophecy playing itself out before my very eyes. 
I remember someone telling me that if there wasn't a reason for bipolar disorder then natural selection would have ruled it out. I believed them, but, not entirely.