personal growth

Housing Problems

I don’t know about you but for me to feel mentally stable and sound I need 4 key ingredients: 7-8 hours of sleep per night, some time alone everyday because I am an introvert and I need to recharge after I hang out with people, some daily exercise

Breakdown, Shame

Lonesome fear has plagued my life.
My days of youth, spent in strife.
My faith since abandoned, with prayers unheard,
For God to allow such pain it’s absurd:

“Horror of horrors, a life spent alone,”
“That future assured, my past has shown.”
“O take me heaven, I’d much rather sleep.”
“O holy razor, my blessed release.”

“Help me! Rid me this cursed isolation,”
“Wrought by weary nerves, my eternal damnation.”
“Bleed me this pain, I offer my hand.”
“Rescue me Mother, help me understand.”

Don't punish kids, help them!

After moving across country from seattle to Boston I was having a really hard time with everything, but most of all adjusting to my new highschool. I started my freshman year at this school and I didn’t feel wanted.  I put so much pressure on myself to be wanted by them that I could not even focus on my grades. That was a year of a lot of tears, and anger. My parents would get emails saying that I did not do the assignment, or that I failed quiz a, or failed paper b. The staff and the teachers belittled me and treated me like I was a child.