A Flow with Psychosis

I wanna resurrect this subject but never did it die

Best respect and love it this I’ll explain and try

Too tame is lame I’m ah lion that stays free

A cranium without shame in a jungle of beliefs

Humble but some retreat this disease leaves us pure

Meds are a need, prescriptions to help cure


Like scriptures with Egyptians writing hieroglyphics

Our mission this instant is to explain how we lived it

A plan to get yet none truly know

Psychosis gives hope because some have seen a ghost

Work With Your Voices

...she said to me during group today. Again, I sensed all eyes on me and I felt like jumping through the window. Why do I keep coming to these sessions?

Your relationship to your voices is important. Stand up to them, man! Face those ugly bastards head-on. Understand where they are coming from. Voices may represent aspects of your emotional and mental state.

Turn them into positive experiences. Don’t take them literally. Approach their words as metaphors showing you what you might need to change about yourself.

Every Day Can Go Either Way

and every day can be a misadventure.

On a GOOD day, the world makes sense, and the faces, voices, and strange thoughts bubble quietly on the sidelines. Stress is low and my mind is somewhat clear, like the summer sky with a few overhead clouds of confusion. I look forward to what the day offers. I am eager for the adventure.

Dear Ugly Faces

So what if you guys are still around? I’m gonna live my life anyways! New motto:

Mind expansion to accept the ugly faces as just one aspect of a bigger and more vibrant mental state and lifestyle, through good and bad times.

Just fade away or become a part of my overall kind, smart, and important SELF.

Which will it be?


I Hate Taking Pills

I mean every last one of you that Doctor Cruz has ever prescribed!

Fuck you, Zyprexa!
Eat a dick, Seroquel!
Leave me alone, Risperdal!

You whores make my stomach grow and I’m not sexy anymore!


Jeff Cheng of Mind Right is a nurse consultant providing child welfare with expertise on psychotropic medication and mental health. What does mental health mean to me? Mental health is just as important as breathing and eating. We need to talk more mental health.

Mom Took Me to See

my psychiatrist, Doctor Cruz, and he bumped up the doses of my antipsychotics and mood stabilizers.

I know this is all for the good, but why do I feel that it’s a setback? Shouldn’t the doses be getting lower?

After all, I’m getting better, right?

Get Off Me

I keep telling them but they just won’t leave me alone. Ugly faces attack my analogue visual audio. Assaulting my precious senses to POINT BREAK and Keanu is not around to save me.

Overwhelmed to shit!

So I called the Crisis Hotline and they helped me with a plan.

Distract the Senses

I Am Me

A video based on a series of monologues and poems written and recorded by students affected with mental health issues. Thought Cafe and Toronto-based artist Jon Todd were involved in this collaboration with McGill University students.