Jeff's Story

Like most people, I loathed the town I grew up in when I was 16 years old. It was small, secluded and extremely boring to the average teenager. It also allowed for very little freedom in what you did, having some strange power to relay info back to your parents via some citywide conspiracy. In any case, I was a teenager, I was cooped up and angry, I was apparently Catholic (due to the high school uniform I was made to sport Monday to Friday) and I had absolutely no outlet for my teenage angst and aggression. My parents would monitor my music listening habits and omit (a.k.a.

About Me

life began with a bang, bore to a woman who forever dyed her hair, worked hard all her life already had two sons, identical twins.

to a man who was at the beginning of his body building career, later to work on doors in clubs to go pro with body building. motorbike ate full cooked chicken’s out of her child support while she held down many pissy jobs made the best pancakes in the world.

on some tuesdays and saturdays i’d live for the sound of the ice cream van man raid his ice cream van, often with stolen 50p’s, for fab lollies, iron bru, cola, wham bars.

Obtenir de l'aide

L'ami de Brian a besoin d'aide! Prenez cette visite virtuelle avec lui car il contribue Keira traverse une crise.

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Getting Help: Brian Gives Help

Brian’s friend needs help! Take this virtual tour with him as he helps Keira through a crisis.

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Natalia Fabia

Natalia Fabia’s latest work is a vibrant portrayal of “hookers at play”. For me it speaks of friendship, solidarity and a sense of belonging. The images in her work appear to be mostly of her friends, gal pals and soul mates. If you look at them long enough you can almost imagine their lives and circumstances. Their stories, unfinished but yet frozen in time by oil on canvas. Its beautiful and we thank Natalia for allowing us to feature her work on mindyourmind.

Casey's Song by City and Colour

mindyourmind with the help of City and Colour deliver music with a message

City and Colour (Dallas Green of Alexisonfire) has provided the use of the track “Casey’s Song” from his Juno Award winning album, “Sometimes” for the third instalment of our animated shorts series made possible through Teranet Inc. Previous shorts have featured the voice talents of Bif Naked and Justin Fusterfeld of Blue October.