Letter to my beautiful girl

It hasn’t been more than thirty minutes since I last looked back, and waved goodbye.  I finished my tour of anxiety through security, looked back to you, and waved.  You immediately waved back.  I could see the excitement in you tha

Happy is Happy by Alyssa J.

     Happiness is your favorite song on the radio;
     dancing and singing along as it trickles into your mind.
     Happiness is your pet curling up beside you,
     comforting you in times of dread.

     Its is a delicious bowl of spaghetti,
     steaming in front of your face, wafting...
     And its getting lost in your favorite book,
     and not realizing what time it is when you finally put it down.

Blissfully Distant Love

     “Feeling sadness is not a crime,
     although the world might wish you think so,
     It's only human and at times it is the only thing
     that makes you feel connected.”
     - Author unknown

     “I don't cry because I am too weak,
     I cry because I've been strong for too long.”
     - Author unknown

You are not alone!

     Know i will always be there,
     To wipe a tear,
     To lend a ear.
     Know I will always love you,
     To be a friend,
     To the very end.
     Know i will always come
     To hold your hand
     To face the unplanned.
     Know I will always listen
     To what you say
     To be there any day.