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Toes For Dance

Community of Practice Coordinator, Eugenia Canas discusses how connections between contemporary dance, art and mental health provide opportunities for youth to explore their identities through self-expression and achieve wellness. Video is created by mindyourmind in partnership with Toes For Dance.

Coping with Self-Criticism in Creative Work

I've become very accustomed to being hard on myself. It’s a blessing and a curse; self-criticism pushes us to work harder, do better---but it can also become toxic. How many times have you gotten inspired to create something, perhaps a poem, song, picture, or even a school assignment, only to find yourself giving up before giving it the real shot it deserves? As someone with a very active imagination, I've had a certain problem. In my head, I imagine the project I could create and I see it in a perfect, aggrandized way--- I see its full potential.