Answered Prayer

I returned to you so hurt, so defeated,

So lost, so alone, so devoid of love,

Time passed by & the clouds dispersed,

Sun poured out and hope restored.

After the darkest, bleakest, stormy night,

Comes the bright calm of your new day,

Claire & I sat there in your ‘place’,

Could hardly speak saving tears on my face,

But life proceeds anew purely through grace.

Sitting here, so at peace,

The war inside my head has ceased to exist,

You do answer prayers,

You do hear all cries,

Happiness is when … what you think , what you say and what you do are in Harmony

My life was good and I was happy. I had a great wife, had recently bought a house in San Fransico, had a good job with the dream of becoming an entrepreneur one day and a great circle of family and friends.

All of that changed over the course of few months and I began to lose absolutely everything I had. I almost died, I decided that my life was not worth living and had occasional thoughts of ending my life.

Fighting Phantoms

As a young girl, a vivid imagination provided endless hours of adventure. Being an asthmatic, there were many days spent sick or having to remain indoors due to my health. However I don’t recall experiencing boredom or even loneliness, because I could always escape those moments into a world of pretend, playing quite contently, (even when confined to my bed), for literal hours. With one simple act of the will, situations I didn’t care for could be easily abandoned - instead journeying off to faraway places that existed in the unlimited landscape of my mind.

The Universe speaks...

The universe speaks to us as waves, invigorating, pulsing,
transforming, diversifying, illuminating, maturing, attracting.
Infinitely, it speaks to us through fractals and fossils...
the ‘...ologies’ of earthly studies
Volcan-, seism-, and ge-
The universe holds in high esteem the practice of patient
observation -
our elderly wisdom and juvenile sciences.

Universal balance is returned through sovereign cycles and
seasons, powering
vessels of selfless love by the purest yielding of sustenance.
We can absorb its being-example