Letter to my beautiful girl

It hasn’t been more than thirty minutes since I last looked back, and waved goodbye.  I finished my tour of anxiety through security, looked back to you, and waved.  You immediately waved back.  I could see the excitement in you tha

How to turn your biggest challenges into your biggest opportunities

Brent Seal is founder of Seal Wellness, a social enterprise that helps students, entrepreneurs and young professionals overcome challenges and become high performers through consulting, coaching and speaking and his Signature training program ‘High Performance Wellness’. Brent was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2007 and since then has graduated from his 2010 SFU Business class as Valedictorian, shared his story across Canada and gotten heavy into adventures, having run a number of ultramarathons and taken part in mountaineering objectives around North America.

Surprising facts about anxiety disorders - 7 ways to cope

Only anxious people understand what it’s like to feel the angst when anxiety attacks. Being told to “calm down” is annoying. Meeting people is not fun. A delay in someone accepting your Facebook friendship means they don’t like you. 

Shaming the shame: #ShareYourStruggle

At 15-years-old, I overdosed on painkillers and ended up in the hospital for my first – and only – suicide attempt vis a vis a cry for help. I remember being relieved to get therapy out of the ordeal, but almost as soon as we had returned from the hospital, the fear of shame was instilled in me. My parents warned me not to tell anyone that I was struggling with depression. I certainly shouldn’t let anyone know why I was really in the hospital because I would be judged.