Then I Found You

Picked apart like a poorly done project
Face red, mind blue
Censoring words like a strict world leader,
I found you

My hands would sweat and my heart would flutter
Not in a good way, but with you
I feel like butter
Slip into a smile because
I found you

What I wear, the talk I dare
Watching how and what I do
Now my soul can celebrate
With you, I'll always be with you

If life is a treasure hunt,
my search ends here,
It ends with two.

Housing Problems

I don’t know about you but for me to feel mentally stable and sound I need 4 key ingredients: 7-8 hours of sleep per night, some time alone everyday because I am an introvert and I need to recharge after I hang out with people, some daily exercise

Life in the Stigma

Mental health may be getting more publicity, but is the stigma getting better? Anyone who suffers with mental health issues knows the importance of this statement. I have suffered with borderline personality disorder since I was a child. It has been an uphill battle. Until recently, hiding this little fact from the world was even more of a battle. It took all of my effort to act normal. It occurred to me, finally, that I shouldn’t need to. No one should. We are all human. Having anxiety, depression, bipolar ect. does not make you a failure.

My sensitivity became my strength, and my asset

In my late teens and early 20s, I did everything to keep up with the fast-paced world I was living in – I worked as a server, went to college full time, and spent every other waking moment socializing with friends, being there for my family, and spending time with my boyfriend at the time. I felt pulled in every direction. I never spent time alone and I paid no attention to my inner life. The few times that I did try and look inward I became utterly confused and scared.

Child Care System

you ever feel like you dont know what you did to deserve this? ive been in the system my whole life. my so called "social worker" cant remember my birthday yet she has been there since i was a new born. she always looked at me with unkind eyes. im most scared than ever. in eight days im moving out. i didn’t move around to much as a kid. im currently living in a grouphome. i promised my foster mom id do my best, i failed everyone. my relationships never seem to have a bright side for long. My social worker made me go on a depo shot.

Hope by Brayden

As a kid growing up in a small and tight knit family, I thought I had it all. I was a happy go lucky kid, always exploring and trying new things. School was always fun and I was known as the 'happy kid' all throughout primary school. I was not expecting the transition between primary and middle school to be so difficult.