waiting list

Fighting to survive the gaps in mental health services

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As a university student, I was aware I had easy access to mental health therapists on campus.  But, I never wanted to, or felt that I needed to take advantage of that opportunity.  I remembered how much I hated it as a kid, and I didn’t

Talk About It

People say i have changed. I hear people are asking my mother if i have started doing drugs..... Depression has taken over my mind, actions, and thoughts. My mother made me confess, i told her everything. She was hurt becasue i wasnt able to trust her to talk about it!! I wish i was able to turn back time and tell everything. I wish i was able to tell her i couldnt focus in class. I wanted to tell her that i was really hurt. I wish i was able to talk about it! After 3 years of suffering and one really bad year i am now on anti-depressants and on a waiting list for counseling.