Mason Jars

I’ve been raised to climb into mason jars

Folks poking holes in my tinted steel sky

Thinking their lessons will

Help me breathe easier.

Some find me suffocating in

Self-made crystal prisons

They lift me above their head

Dashing this transparent oppression at their feet

Impaling me with my own mistakes

Please. Don’t.


Grip the body of this perceived silence

Use the other to hold the barrier to the solution.


Use your force to carefully ease them away from each other

Studio Y Innovations

"For her Innovative Assignment, Taylor Holden hosted two assemblies at her London-based high school, raising awareness about mental wellness and resiliency with hundreds of her peers. Taken out of context, such an act might seem unremarkable. After all, we all know that students present to their classmates quite regularly. But as the lens zooms out, we saw an inspiring 18-year-old woman raising awareness for a cause amongst those for whom this might be a regular topic."

Global event focusing on the positive impact of youth

“Part of the Mindyourmind mission is that youth are experts in their own experience, “Stephenson said. “That ties in with International Youth Day because we are asking young people to facilitate, or co-facilitate, workshops based on their own experiences or skills.”