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Anchor (English, French and Arabic)

Anchor - English, French and Arabic

mindyourmind partnered with a group of youth in Halifax, Nova Scotia to develop the Anchor booklet. These youth wanted a way for young people in their community to have access to resources, coping strategies and wellness tips, and to provide free space for the user to be creative in an engaging format. 

Download and print the PDF (in English or French) to get "Anchored" by keeping track of your goals and inspirations, or take a break with a colouring page! This book is meant to uplift and inspire you to make positive changes in your life. There are lots of activities, colouring pages, and space to add your own doodles and writing. Make Anchor your own!

Thank you to our Halifax partners Laing House and HeartWood and to our Halifax Youth Team: Alanna, Alex, Carrie, Hannah, Harley, Keona, Pilaa and Riley.

This project is part of the Canada Service Corps initiative. Check out to learn more about our involvement in this federal initiative.

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