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Boost Me

This tool is about having fun and relaxing. There are also motivational messages at the bottom.

Check out the icons:  

  • Stand up and speak out
  • Setting goals, keeping organized
  • Being able to bounce back
  • Smile and be kind to others
  • Believe in yourself
  • Support one another 
  • Keep your cool - the negative icon that will cost you time and points 

Swap adjacent icons to make matching rows of three or more. Avoid matching the grey icons. Matching rows of four or five will clear all grey icons. Keep matching to level up. Play and have fun!

Also available in casual mode with no levels, so you can relax and play as long as you want.

This tool was co-created by Oxford Youth Expression (OYE) Youth Leaders at the Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre (WACHC) in partnership with mindyourmind

This app is designed for use on a mobile device.

Play the game now! When you launch this tool, it will open in another window.