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Bringing Home the Bacon

Bringing Home the Bacon

mindyourmind partnered with Family Service Thames Valley - Credit Counselling and Libro Credit Union to develop a new and exciting app to bridge the gap in financial literacy among youth! A lot of factors contribute to our mental health and wellness, and finances are one of them.

Bringing Home The Bacon is a fun and innovative web-based game designed to help young people learn about being safe and smart with their money. Co-created with a team of young adults, this tool aims to teach all users a little something about spending, saving, budgeting and more. Play on your own or with up to four teams and compete by answering trivia questions to see who can fill their piggy bank with the most cash! The app also includes tips and links to helpful resources relating to finances. 

Play now! When you launch this tool, it will open in another window. 

Only available on mobile for android users at this time. Currently working on a fix for the new iOS.