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Coping Kit (English and French)

You might not be in crisis now, but what will happen when you are? Use this tool to plan ahead for hard times by creating a crisis plan. It’s hard to think straight when you are overwhelmed with anger, anxiety or distress. A crisis plan helps manage feelings and thoughts. You can use your crisis plan to regain calm and even stay safe. It’s like a mental health first aid kit.

You will have the option to print off a blank crisis plan and fill it in when you are ready or type in your answers and print your plan. You can’t save your answers once you leave the page. Keep copies around you so you can see your crisis plan. Talk with someone you trust about it. Try out your ideas for coping with hard times to see what helps and what doesn’t.

This crisis plan is a reminder of choices and possibilities. It represents hope and strength. If you choose, you can share (send or fax) a copy to your local crisis service, a support worker or counsellor.

Vous n'êtes pas en crise maintenant, mais ce qui se passera lorsque vous êtes? Utilisez cet outil pour planifier à l'avance pour les temps difficiles