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Destination Life (English, French and Spanish)

Destination Life (English, French and Spanish)

mindyourmind worked with a team of young people from across Canada, as part of our online design lab process. Youth from British Columbia to New Brunswick created the game, Destination Life, where you move through Canada figuring out the best way to get through life’s obstacles. By the time you reach the end, you’ll feel better informed and more confident to take on your personal challenges!

Thank you to the Online Design Lab group: Myera, Jenelle, Dakshina, Grace, Zoya, McKindly, and Nameerah. To find out more about this group and what was created check out the CSC Online Design Lab, Summer and Fall 2020 page.

The tool was developed as part of the Canada Service Corps. Check out to learn more about our involvement in this federal initiative.

Destination Life is available in English, French and Spanish and will open in another window when you click your preferred language below.