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Getting High? (English & French)

Getting High? (English & French)

When most people think about taking a substance they only consider what the substance is. You also need to consider where you will be when you're taking it, who you will be with, what kind of mood you're in and more.

This tool is about making decisions about drug use and is not intended to be medical advice. 

Climb the tree with Cal, the wise young owl, who will ask you questions to help you make informed decisions about substance use. After you’re finished, you can review your plan or start again. Have fun and be wise!

Thanks to the six youth participants of the Sessions Group at Delisle Youth Services for contributing to the development of this tool.

“I hope the tool will provide help to youth who are struggling with substance questions and information or lack of, to help them decide what is the best thing for them to do. This tool is non-bias and non-judgemental, which is freaking awesome.” - Juliet, age 18

Getting High is available in English and French, and will open in another window when you click your preferred language below.