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MIND eLearning (English and French)

mindyourmind worked with Sea to Sky Community Services and a team of young people in Squamish, BC to co-create this unique and engaging eLearning module designed for Squamish residents, but accessible to anyone. 

Work through each of the three modules by reading through interactive slides, filling out printable surveys and watching videos from the mindyourmind YouTube page. Then finish the quiz at the end of each module to successfully complete your climb while learning about mental health and wellness, stress and coping, and substance use.

These modules will empower you to fight the stigma around mental health by talking openly with friends and family about what it is, why the way we talk about it matters, and what some useful coping strategies are for people facing mental health struggles. 

Thank you to our Squamish partner Sea to Sky Community Services and to our Squamish youth team: McKinley, Lauren, Katelyn, Ryelin, Sienna, Bri, William, Sophia, Maria, and Talisa.

The tool is available in English and French, and will open in another window when you click your preferred language below.

This project is part of the Canada Service Corps initiative. Check out to learn more about our involvement in this federal initiative.