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mood. by mindyourmind App

mood. by mindyourmind App

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A variety of day-to-day factors affect our mental health. Having a way to track some of these factors can help you manage your mental health and can allow your healthcare providers to better support you if you choose to share this data with them.

At mindyourmind, we believe that feeling empowered in managing your mental health and having more informative conversations with the supports in your life are extremely important for your overall well-being. We reinvented our mood app so that these two things can be more accessible for you with an improved and updated look and feel, as well as new and expanded content. To do this, we recruited a group of passionate youth to tell us what they look for in an app, because it’s important to us that all of our resources are created by and for youth.

We wanted mood. to feel more customizable, while still free! With mood. you can take charge of your mental health and the app itself. As a user, you can:

  • Choose the colour of the faces to describe your mood
  • Enter unlimited entries each day
  • Make unlimited notes
  • Scroll through over 200 wellness tips
  • Track your sleep patterns

All of this information is summarized in the mood. report that can be emailed to you, your health care professional, or any other supports you have that might benefit from this insight. 

By using this app and tracking your mood, you can better understand yourself and what could be affecting you! It also helps you to create a plan for when times are tough and to find relief when you need it most.

Our mental health is always changing, so track the good days and not so good days with the mood. app.


  • mood. will help you track your moods and sleep patterns. Why is this important? A variety of day-to-day factors affect your mental health, and having a simple way to track these changes can assist you and your healthcare provider in supporting your overall wellbeing.

Track Your Mood

  • mood. allows you to choose an emoji, colour, and label to track your feelings each day, and log related notes. Identifying what is related to these feelings will give you a general picture of what’s happening in your life. This can help you understand yourself and look for any patterns.

Track Your Sleep

  • Sleep is an important part of our lives and its value can often be overlooked. Track the time and duration of your sleep each night and any notable factors. Seeing a chart of your moods alongside your sleep patterns can better enable you to reach your daily sleep goals.

mood. Report

  • The mood. report summarizes your entries and provides a big picture of what is going on to better help you take care of your mental health. Select a timeframe for the report, generate a PDF, and email it to yourself or your healthcare provider.


  • The calendar shows a monthly view of the days you’ve logged an entry, and selecting each date allows you to view the entries in detail. You can also view graphs of your mood and sleep entries over the month, or view all your entries sorted by mood or date by selecting the data on each graph.

Get started by entering how you’re doing today!

“Keeping track of my mood and sleep has never been this easy! mood. helps me to stay on top of my mental health, so I can be my best self.

- Elora

“I have a vague sense of how I’m doing in general, but mood. makes it easy to keep track of specific feelings to help me remember events and visualize patterns.”

- Justin