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Queer as Soup

Learn words about gender and sexuality, and the power they have to help or hurt us. As you play Queer as Soup, remember that people get to self-identify. You can’t just pick a label for someone else because you think they should have it. People are not soup cans. We get to pick our own labels!

Click on a letter in the soup bowl to see a list of LGBTQ words. Click on the word you want to learn more about, then click the X to return to your bowl.

Words in Queer as Soup may be hurtful and/or triggering for some people.

Thank you to the STARS team for their inspiration and hard work in co-creating this interactive tool: Allan, Amy, Cassy, Juliet, Kamika, Kinchy, Robyn and Savannah

Play the game now! When you launch this tool, it will open in another window.