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Whether you're having trouble setting goals or simply looking to improve your well-being, Releaf can help you! Releaf is an app that provides daily, simple and beneficial challenges to boost your energy and health.

Every day, at a time set by you, Releaf will automatically send you a new challenge, randomly selected from our challenge bank. It won't take more than 30 minutes and will help you continue your journey towards living a healthy lifestyle.

This tool is based on research that shows that by setting and completing simple and objective goals, you are able to boost your mood and begin to tackle more difficult tasks in your life. As an added advantage, all of the challenges have been designed to also enhance your physical or emotional well-being. You could even keep completing these tasks without the challenge. It's all up to you!


  • PERSONALIZE your goals!
  • Tasks are OBJECTIVE!
  • Set a new challenge RECORD!
  • Take CONTROL of your life!

So what are you waiting for? Turn over a new leaf with Releaf!

Created by David Freedman and Thomas Broadley, both university students, possible with support from mindyourmind, United Way London & Middlesex and London Life Youth United.