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Welcome to Canada (English, French and Arabic)

Welcome to Canada (English, French and Arabic)

mindyourmind worked with a team of young people and partners in Winnipeg, MB. Welcome to Canada is where you will learn about different Canadian culture topics to ease your experience in a new place and give you a better understanding of life in Canada!

Thank you to the Winnipeg youth crew: Abdulrhaman, Ahmed, Akram, Alaa (Aloush), Amar, Asmaa, Asraa, Auner, Bara, Dalaa, Jwana, Majd, Maya, Miguel, Mohammed, Nassouh, Osama and Wisam. To find out more about this group and what was created check out the CSC Winnipeg, MB Design Lab.

Thank you to our Winnipeg partner, the YMCA Newcomer Youth Wellness team.

The tool was developed as part of the Canada Service Corps. Check out to learn more about our involvement in this federal initiative.

Welcome to Canada is available in English, French and Arabic and will open in another window when you click your preferred language below.

If you are on a mobile device please click the "Mobile" link in your preferred language below.